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Making the determination to involve your administrative employee in a mentoring program is a business decision that can improve workplace satisfaction (for both you and your admin) and thereby workplace retention. It can help broaden her or his skill set and leadership potential. It empowers your admin and increases their value in the office. And ultimately, it helps you in your efforts to grow the business.

Major corporations often provide internal mentors for their employees, including their admin teams. What are you doing to empower your small office admin the resources they need to support them in their role?

The Entrepreneurial Admin Mentor Program teaches admins to work with the same mindset you do as the owner of the business. Over the course of sixty days, participants receive:

  • 5 self-paced mindset training modules

  • Skill set inventory and customized professional development plan

  • 8 weekly mentor check-ins (via Zoom/phone call/email)

Call (571) 252-9824 to discuss enrolling your admin today!