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What does a typical day look like for a VA?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Ask ten different VAs and you'll probably get ten different answers. Let me tell you about my typical day (nap included).

These days, my workday begins around 10:30AM. First -- coffee. Then email. I work with authors, so my morning messages are usually related to the publishing projects I am managing. A manuscript that needs to be sent from a new author client to an editor. Cover concepts/proofs from a designer to an author for review. Final files that need to be uploaded to various online spaces as part of the book and ebook production process. A one-on-one meeting with a self-publishing client who is unsure of next steps for their fiction or nonfiction project. A proofread of a one-sheet or press release for a speaker client announcing the launch of a new book. Communicating receipt of an entry application for a nonfiction book award program I manage for a client. Stuff like that. If it's a Tuesday morning, there's usually some business development going on. That could mean attending an online networking event, contributing to small business conversations happening on my social media (especially Facebook and LinkedIn), or jumping on Zoom for a virtual coffee chat I've set up with another entrepreneur whose company I'd like to learn more about. Or, if I am feeling less than motivated that day and need the buzz of other people "in the room", I'll log on to Zoom or some other similar platform and join a co-working session for a bit just so I have other people to look at. Every now and then, I like to write an article to post on LinkedIn, so I may set aside some time to draft content for that. I'm working on a professional development program for administrative professionals, so I may spend a few minutes editing the content of a module I've recently written. And since I've been in this business for so long, I've sorta stumbled into coaching/mentoring others who are curious about giving virtual assistance a try. I love those one-on-one sessions more than anything else, because I know the work I do as a VA is important to the development of both my own dreams as well as the dreams of my clients. It may sound like a lot, what I do. It is...and it isn't. Detailed checklists and constantly-updated status reports help me keep everything in order and flowing smoothly (usually). And they give me enough control over my workday to be able to take a daily 2-3 hour nap. Yes! I've come to appreciate those. The medications I take for my heart issues demand that I lay down for a bit each day. And once I'm up, have had dinner, and have spent some quality time with loved ones, that feeling of being well-rested throughout my day allows me a second wind that gives me enough mental and physical energy in the evening to spend thirty minutes prepping my To-Do list for the next day. Not bad, right? Took a while to get here in my business -- but here I am. Now ask yourself: what does my ideal typical workday look like? Starting a career as a Virtual Assistant might just give you what you've been looking for in your life. Ready for a one-on-one conversation to explore how your specific skillset could lead you into working as a Virtual Assistant? Book a low-cost 30-minute session with Chela today!

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