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AskChela trains admins to work with the mindset of the one person with the most vested interested in your small business:


Administrative employees are the backbone of every company--most especially small businesses. But of how much more worth would these professionals be if they had a firmer grasp of the ins and outs of what it takes to run a business--and then implemented those techniques at their own desks?

The Rock Your Small Office Admin Role Training Program is a 90-day self-paced program (includes mentoring) that teaches your admin how to do just that. Twenty principles normally associated with running a successful small business are related back to managing one's admin desk in a way that brings even more efficiency and productivity to the role. Using this system, readers will begin to build a plan that will help them:

  • Be the  type of employee they would hire if they owned the company

  • Seek out training/education to improve skillset and performance

  • Create demand for their services

  • Craft a professional online image that will serve them both inside and outside the company

  • Automate procedures so that things run smoothly in their absence


...and more!


  • 20 business owner mindset statements that can be used to run your desk

  • 28 assessment and action worksheets

  • Your personal LinkedIn plan

  • 12 weekly mentor check-ins via Zoom


Investment: $1500.00