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AskChela has been assisting small business owners, authors, and speakers since 2001 and our mission has always been the same: to help them grow their businesses and gain new audiences by combining strategic administrative assistance, creative marketing support, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

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What can AskChela do for your business?

Take a look at our featured services below.

Virtual Assistance

A savvy Virtual Assistant can handle some or all of the to-do list items that take you away from actually building your business. Let's schedule a discovery call to first identify those time-suckers, then explore how AskChela can step in and manage them for you.

To-Do List Clarity & Management

One of the most basic but most important services for small business growth: creating and/or prioritizing the to-do lists that will keep you moving towards reaching your professional goals -- while helping you maintain your sanity in the meantime.

Writing & Communication

Whether tweaking, proofreading or writing, AskChela can help you effectively communicate and deliver your unique message. Note to course creators: let's talk about how AskChela's Second Set of Eyes service can take away some of the stress of the content-writing process!

Administrative Consulting

You're a do-everything-yourself small business owner who doesn't need an admin employee or a virtual assistant. But you do sometimes need someone to reach out to who can view certain things in your business from a savvy admin's perspective. The AskChela HelpDesk is an affordable solution to a common small business challenge!

Entrepreneurial Admin Mentoring

Are you a small business owner with an admin employee? How valuable would s/he be to you if they worked with the same business-building mindset you do? Our 60-day proprietary mentoring program was designed to accomplish just that. Contact us to learn more.

Author & Speaker Support

Authors and speakers require very specific assistance in the work they do. Through its sister website, AskChela provides a host of services and resources to help these creatives and professionals at every step of their career and projects. Visit AuthorAndSpeakerServices.com to learn more.

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Grab a spot on my calendar to schedule a 15-minute discovery call to chat about your specific goals and how I might be able to assist you in reaching them -- by approaching them #TheWayAnAdminWould

Creative & Invaluable

Chela is very professional and extremely creative, always having new and unique ideas that she is eager to share. Her work is always accurate and of the highest quality. She is invaluable and I'm thrilled she is part of the Y-OPA team.

Connie Whittingham

Y-OPA Consulting Group

The Professional You Want Supporting You

I wanted to learn how small firms looking to save money can do so by outsourcing their admin functions to a VA, so I called Chela with a long list of questions and she patiently addressed each and every one of them. Chela is the professional you want supporting you as you contemplate outsourcing marketing and administrative functions to a VA."

Pamela Brown

Project Manager

Expert Strategist

I have been working with Chela on a couple of very important projects. She is an expert strategist full of great ideas that can help you take your project to the next level. Reaching out to her was one of the best decisions ever!

Liletta Harlem

Keep the Box, LLC

Client Praise

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