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Whether you're an administrative professional working for a small business, or a small business owner handling all your own administrative tasks, AskChela is here when you need us.

You're a do-everything-yourself small business owner who doesn't need an admin employee or a virtual assistant. But you do sometimes need someone you can reach out to who can point you in the right direction when you're stumped by a task or need a strategy meeting to help you break a big project down into manageable bite-sized chunks the way a savvy admin would. The AskChela Helpdesk is an affordable consulting solution to a common small business challenge!


Do you employ an administrative professional in your small business?

How much more valuable would they be to you if they had a firmer grasp of the ins and outs of what it takes to run a business -- and then implemented those techniques at their own desks? AskChela trains and mentors small office admins to work with the mindset of the one person most invested in your small business:


This self-paced training program teaches admins how to think like the boss and apply that mindset to the way they complete their daily tasks and run their own desks.


A customized 60-day mentor program that addresses a small office admin's specific role in the company -- which includes helping you grow your business.

Who does a lone administrative employee go to when she's stumped by a challenging task that's been delegated to her? A seasoned admin consultant on "speed-dial" to answer quick questions and provide guidance and creative brainstorming when needed will give her an edge that can only benefit your small business. Admin911 is a viable and affordable solution you can explore for the person in your office who sometimes wears as many hats as you do!  Learn more