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When you’ve been a Virtual Assistant for over twenty years, you’re bound to have picked up
a few things along the way!

In her new book, Noted! Business Lessons Learned from Twenty-Two Years of Virtual Assistance, Chela shares a few of the many sometimes hard-learned business and personal lessons she’s picked up along the way in her journey as a longtime Virtual Assistant. In quick, blog post-style delivery, she writes with a focus on maintaining a success mindset coupled with consistent business development and balanced with sufficient self-care to drive business growth.


Readers will learn the importance of:

  • moving beyond moments of self-doubt and building self-confidence

  • networking with other business owners both inside and outside our industry

  • regular professional development

…and more!

Release Date: December 1


Pre-order your signed copy now to receive FREE 30-DAY ACCESS to Chela's BizDev Binder for Virtual Assistants starting November 15th.

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Need inspiration and motivation for your journey as a Virtual Assistant? UK-based Katie Tew hosts Chela in a recent conversation in which they discuss their longtime careers, niching down, the importance of having a VA coach or mentor, and the future of our industry.

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5 Ways a Positive Mindset Can Help You Succeed as a Virtual Assistant

Most people would agree that starting a business is not nearly as challenging as maintaining and building a business. You may have discovered that if you’re already running your virtual assistant practice. Perhaps you’re still figuring out what services you want to offer. Or you’re struggling to clearly define who your ideal client is. Or maybe your excitement at opening your business is waning because you suddenly find your self-confidence under attack.

What to do?

Building your own belief in yourself and your abilities is a good start, and you can do this in just a few simple ways! Download the free PDF (excerpted from the ebook Become a More Confident Virtual Assistant) below.


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