Chela Hardy is a former Executive Assistant who took her administrative skillset and entrepreneurial spirit and transitioned into a career as a Virtual Assistant in 2001. Since 2013, she has also shared her industry knowledge with others as a Loudoun County Public Schools Adult Ed instructor teaching the course How to Work From Home As a Virtual Assistant Business and is the creator of the professional development program Rock Your Admin Role. Chela occasionally publishes articles and speaks to small mastermind and networking groups about the important role of the entrepreneurial admin in business growth.


Through her website, Chela manages publishing projects for authors and speakers around the country. Her client list currently includes Authority Publishing, for whom she serves as Publishing Project Manager, and the Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA), for whom she serves as Book Awards Program Manager.

Chela lives, writes, sings, and works from home in Northern

Virginia with loved ones.


Jazmyn Whittingham

This entrepreneurial teen Virtual Assistant offers several services for small business owners at her website Jaz Hands, but AskChela is focusing on one of the most important ones here: 

Contact Coordination

  • Monitoring and responding to messages received through a company’s website

  • Monitoring and responding to messages received on a company’s social media channels

  • Adding new contacts to your business email marketing list

Jaz Hands Jaz Pic - BW.jpg

Concerned that you're missing out on potential new clients because you're unable to keep up with leads coming in from your website and/or social media? Click here to leave a message for Jazmyn to learn more about her Contact Coordination service.