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Ask An Expert | VA Career Q & A

Thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant? Wondering if you have the skillset, creativity and temperament to make it work? Want your specific concerns addressed by an expert who will candidly share both the ups and downs of what is an amazing industry–and who can answer questions about your potential place in it?

Ask An Expert | VA Hire Q & A

Successful solopreneurs who listen to the experts understand that bringing a Virtual Assistant into their business can help them scale and grow more quickly, efficiently, and profitably. Even still, you have questions. Most likely several. In a single session (up to 60 minutes), let’s talk about your business, its specific needs, ways a VA can help you meet them, where to look for qualified service providers, the right questions to ask, how to engage, what you can expect to pay, et cetera–all before you invest your valuable time and resources.

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