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Communicate like a BOSS to land more clients

Read on to learn how AskChela is helping Virtual Assistants do that!

I have a secret for you. Actually, three secrets: I don’t keep up with all the latest of the latest technologies, I am inconsistent with my social media posting, and I don’t do the amount of prospective client outreach that I encourage my coachees and mentees to do.

So how do I get clients for AskChela? Admittedly, after more than two decades in this industry (and thanks to my specialty niche of working with authors and speakers), it’s mostly by referral and word-of-mouth. Even still, I must clearly explain what I do, how it will benefit a prospective client’s business or project, and what the investment will be for them to engage my services.

That’s where solid communication comes in. Without it, I simply cannot land the client.

What about you? Does your communication style attract clients? Are you able to effectively pitch your services? Do those pitches result in booking discovery calls that lead to getting the clients you need to sustain your virtual assistant practice? Or are you struggling with this part of your business?

I want to help. Which is why I’ve created and will soon be introducing a new mini-course called Get More Virtual Assistant Clients: Level Up Your Communication Skills. I’m super-excited about this because I am adamant about the importance of professional communication. It can make or break your business!

Here’s a sneak peek:

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I can’t wait! Let me know your thoughts…

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