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It’s here. Finally. My new book is here!

Updated: Apr 2

And what a way to celebrate Administrative Professionals Month…

Last month was the soft launch of my new book Noted! Business Lessons Learned from Twenty-Two Years of Virtual Assistance. And now that Administrative Professionals Month has arrived, Noted! is officially part of a month-long personal and professional celebration for me. I am sooooooo looking forward to connecting with even more virtual assistant business owners and service providers throughout the month (I hope that includes you). Those moments of knowledge exchange and networking are what keep all of us going day to day. I have definitely found that to be true over the years.

Here’s the back cover copy:

When you've been a Virtual Assistant for over twenty years, you're bound to have picked up a few things along the way.

In Noted! Business Lessons Learned from Twenty-Two Years of Virtual Assistance, long-time VA Chela Hardy shares a few of the many sometimes hard-learned professional and personal lessons that have shaped her VA practice since its start in 2001. In quick, blog post-style delivery, Chela writes with a focus on maintaining a success mindset coupled with consistent business development and balanced with sufficient self-care to drive business growth.

Readers will learn the importance of:

  • identifying their ideal client as early as possible

  • moving beyond moments of self-doubt

  • creating their own business opportunities

  • regular professional development

  • networking with non-Virtual Assistant business owners

  • taking self-care breaks that rejuvenate

...and more

Included at the end of each lesson are note-taking pages (labeled “Note It!”) readers can use to jot down key takeaways they plan to implement in their own business growth strategies.

There are points I want to be sure readers don’t miss, so I’ve also created a separate workbook that will move them through a series of thoughtful exercises to help them think through and determine the next steps they can take in their own businesses (grab a sample set of worksheets here). And because the entrepreneurial journey is typically such an emotional one, I’ve included in the workbook mindset journal pages with writing prompts that may help readers deal with some of the mental roadblocks that often get in our way. More on the workbook in an upcoming post.

I'm so excited! There’s a bunch of stuff coming up from AskChela this month and beyond. I don’t want you to miss any of it. Be sure you’re on the email list so I can reach you when it’s time to announce.

Noted! is available in paperback and ebook formats wherever books are sold.


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