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What do your self-care moments look like?

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Here's a glimpse into mine...

staircase display of short story by Chela Hardy
Photo Credit: Chela Hardy

I recently posed this question in a VA Facebook Group and received verious responses. For some people, that meant trips to the nail salon, exercise, meditation, et cetera. For me, it means getting back into my creative writing!

Life has taken me away from writing just for the sake of writing -- creating characters, telling their stories, building fictional worlds. After publishing a few titles under a pen name (my young adult book K My Name Is Kendra even reached semi-finalist status in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition a few years back) and having a handful of close calls that almost resulted in literary and screenwriting deals I was pursuing at the time, I gave up writing for the fun of it. I decided that if I was going to do any writing at all, it needed to be in the business realm so that it could help pay the bills.

And I stopped singing too. Not that I was doing it professionally (even though there's a recording of a hook I sang on the track of a local indie rapper floating around out there somewhere), but I did enjoy writing lyrics, vocal arrangements, sometimes dropping into local studios to record them just for my own enjoyment and to share with friends. And karaoke. Of course, karaoke.

I realize now that stopping the things that made me feel so good inside was likely the beginning of me losing my sense of self. Yes, my business was finally where I wanted it to be at the time, but the self-care wasn't there, and I could feel it.

So now, in 2023, after having lost my balance in the early part of the year, I am adding this aspect of self-care back into my business routine. Writing, singing, creating -- that's what my unplugged moments look like. I look forward to sharing a bit of those with you, and also learning about yours.

Let me know your thoughts.

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