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Why you should put your unique personality into your business

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

It could be your most successful client-attraction tool ever! Here's why.

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Excerpted from Noted! Business Lessons Learned from Twenty-Two Years of Virtual Assistance

Have you ever heard of Marie Forleo? She’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur with tens of millions of fans and followers, a highly successful podcast, a widely watched television show, a New York Times bestselling book…and so many more accomplishments, including being named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation.

But before Marie became all these things, she was a hip hop-loving MTV-choreographing fitness enthusiast. One can only imagine how many well-meaning advisors, friends, and family members likely told her to leave that side of her out of her business if she wanted to be taken seriously. She didn’t do that, you’ll see if you watch her earlier videos, where–right in the middle of sage business advice–the camera would suddenly cut to her and a couple of backup dancers in choreographed steps to a popular song. Rather than abandon a side of her that is so much a part of her, she dug in, embedding it deeply into her brand, even bringing it to her 2019 Everything is Figureoutable book launch party extravaganza. Her willingness to market herself in such an unconventional way surely made her stand out among hundreds, even thousands, of entrepreneurs doling out business advice to similar audiences.

I’ve learned something from following Marie and others like her: it’s okay for me to be a little goofy and show a little bit of the silly side of my personality when I’m mentoring and coaching other VAs. It’s okay to post and comment publicly on things that make me giggle (I really, really love to laugh). It’s okay to admit that I watch Disney and Nickelodeon shows, even now that my nieces and nephews are older and have outgrown these channels. It’s even okay to talk proudly about my need for daily naps–and how they are not just for toddlers or the elderly anymore. LOL.

These are the things that put my personality on display, letting potential clients see that I am a fun and friendly person who (usually) has work-life balance and a positive mindset. This draws them to me and makes me and my business stand out. And in a discovery call with me, they can feel my passion for my business because it’s reflected in how I run it and how I talk to others about what I do. They know I’ll bring that same passion to the work we do together.

Here’s a truth: if for some reason my personality is unappealing to someone, that’s okay too. It only means we are just not a match for each other, and we’re able to avoid losing precious time finding that out.

So don’t be afraid to put your unique personality into your business, if you are comfortable doing so. Let people see who you truly are. It could be your best client attraction method ever!

Let me know your thoughts.

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