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One of the simplest virtual assistant services ever!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

And one of the easiest to pitch to busy entrepreneurs. Read on.

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I wrote an article called “5 Ways a Monthly To-Do List Management Meeting Can Grow Your Small Business” for the September 2022 issue of Thriving Women Magazine. I was writing it from the point of view of an administrative professional (many years as an Executive Assistant, then many more as a Virtual Assistant), citing how those of us in any version of this role can contribute in this important way to the growth of a company.

I briefly mentioned these benefits to a business owner:

  • Helps them break big to-do’s down into smaller ones

  • Helps them track their progress

  • Reveals where they may need to delegate or outsource

  • Helps them determine if their timeline needs adjusting

  • Helps them complete the task

In my head, of course, and when asked about the article afterwards, I would tell anyone I networked with that a savvy Virtual Assistant can be this person to them. And oftentimes, I was able to refer them to someone who could help them based on their specific needs.

Have you ever considered offering this most simple of virtual assistant services? It’s one of the easiest ever, because it doesn’t always involve any more than going through the client’s list with them over Zoom or Google Meet or some other such platform. True, the client may decide to outsource a task to you as a result of that meeting, but in many cases, they just need to talk with another human about what’s on their plate, where things stand, their order of importance, and how they can move forward with them.

Not sure someone would go for a service like this? Think about yourself as a business owner. Don’t you find an element of accountability helpful to you in your own work? I’ll tell you this – when I take my own advice and hire someone to help me manage my AskChela to-do list (usually it’s the awesome Kachiri Flores of Flores Virtual Services; she asks just the right questions and gives just the right nudge when needed), I get things done and it feels great!

So read the article, then think about how you might introduce a To-Do List Management service into your offerings.

Let me know your thoughts.

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