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Reality Check: running your virtual assistant business is going to take work

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Are you prepared for that?

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I'm so happy to see more and more people coming into an industry I love and have watched grow over the last two decades. It's cool seeing the development of the next generation of VA thought leaders on TikTok answering questions coming in from younger audiences about how to get into this type of work. #VirtualAssistant trends regularly there, and the advice being dispensed by these coaches is typically on point. What I appreciate most is when disclaimers are included in the advice -- something that acknowledges that engaging a VA Coach or buying into their program does not guarantee the same level of success as others in the same program, including the content creator (or any success at all for that matter).

The reality is that not everyone will win at this new career!

Some may get started in it thinking the clients will come easily, the work will be steady, the income will be consistent. What they may not prepare themselves for mentally is that more is typically involved in building and maintaining a business of any kind. Clients will likely not just come running to you, arms outstretched, wallets open, begging you for your help. Recessions (real or potential) will most likely affect how business owners spend their hard-earned dollars, even though they know deep down in inside that outsourcing certain tasks to you leaves them time and energy to focus on managing the income-generating aspects of their business that will keep their company afloat during those difficult times. The reality is that you'll need a plan in place to continue building relationships with others -- both inside and outside of the industry -- so that you can benefit from referral opportunities.

Keep this in mind as well: even if you go the route of working with an agency, there is work involved in maintaining a good relationship with clients entrusted to your care by the agency, whose brand and reputation you are representing with every single interaction. And you'll have to follow processes set in place by the agency -- processes that may not align with your preferred way of doing things and may even make a simple task more challenging or tedious.

The point is that if you decide to pursue a career as a Virtual Assistant, you'll be far more successful if you go into it with eyes wide open, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a willingness to spend time building relationships. This has been your reality check. :-)

Let me know your thoughts.

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